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Support Coordination


We work with you and your family to understand what you would like to achieve with your NDIS funding and to help you to interpret your plan. 

We can help you connect with supports and find the people who will give you the best outcomes over the course of your plan. We can support you to review your plan and make changes where needed.

We have a lot of experience working with planners, therapists and other providers. We also have a special skill set around self management, hiring your own staff and Home and Living Supports.

If you're looking for an experienced and empathetic Support Coordinator, contact us today.

If you'd like to hear more about our Support Coordination team click here.


Where you live and who you live with are such important aspects of having a good life. We can help you design the type of support and living arrangement that is going to fit in with what you want. Then we can help you to put in an application for funding to the NDIS with all the details included.

Once approved, we can help you put your supports together. We offer a very tailored approach where you can interview and choose your staff, if you like you can hire them yourself or you can engage an agency to hire them for you and take care of the paperwork while you still get full control about who comes into your home, what support they give you and when.

We love the Home and Living area because it gives people the opportunity to live a life that they design. To choose their supports rather than having their schedules dictated to them which is what historically has happened to people with disability.

We work in the space of supporting people to apply for and then coordinate:

  • SDA - Specialist Disability Accomodation

  • ILO - Individualised Living Options

  • SIL - Supported Independent Living

At Home Supports


We love to support people to chase the life the life they want to lead. And we know that you are the best person to direct your own life, we are just here to help you implement it. We like to help people put teams together but we also support just a few people ourselves.

Please note, we are not an NDIS registered service provider so if you would like to work with us, your funds will need to be either self-managed or plan managed.

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