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About Us

We are a couple based in Perth. Stu has a physical disability and has navigated the disability system on a personal level in New Zealand and Australia. We have both worked in various roles in the disability sector but we recognise that people are not always getting the service they want. We decided to create Navigate to offer people a service that is crafted by them. We love seeing people try new things and experience life to the fullest.

We started Navigate in 2019 because we recognise that the NDIS provides people with more choice about how they would like to use their funding in a way that works for them and we wanted to be part of this change and to offer a service that gives people maximum choice over what their supports look like.

We love to travel, meet people and experience new things. We believe that having a disability doesn't mean that you are held back from experiencing a good life. It sometimes means you have to be creative about how you achieve things but that's half the fun!

Why do we choose not to become an NDIS registered provider?

This is a question we get asked a bit and the answer is multifaceted:

  1. It keeps costs down for us which means we can charge you a rate lower than the NDIS rate so your plan allocation goes further

  2. It means we spend less time writing policies and other things we need to do to have registration and more time supporting you

  3. We didn't get into this business to spend our time doing administration

  4. We still have all the relevant insurances, safety policies, NDIS clearances for our workers and certifications

Please let us know if you have any concerns about this - we are happy to discuss further. If you are interested in becoming Self or Plan Managed, we can also help talk you through this.

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