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Stay At Our Place

Located in South Lake (City of Cockburn), our home is your home when you are staying with us.


We have a large tropical feel garden and large patio area adjoining our house. We also have 2 cats, 2 chickens and four fish to keep you entertained. We grow a lot of fruit and vegetables and something is always in season for you to try. 

We have a large kitchen where we love to cook delicious dishes from around the world. We also have a garden shed/workshop which is equipped with all manner of tools if you are interested. 

We have two rooms available for short term accommodation and we can organise supports or you can bring your own. You have your own bathroom as well as access to all common areas. These rooms do not have perfect wheelchair accessibility (but we have plans to change this in the future) so please contact us if you have mobility restrictions and are considering staying with us.

Ask us for a quote for your stay. We can include:

- Support staff

- Meals - you choose what you would like to eat

- Activities

- Transport

Double "Peacock" Room










Single "Bullfighter" Room

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